Tailored protection for your most critical assets.

Successful wealth management results from achieving the right balance between risk and reward.


Protection Advice.

As well as seeking out new opportunities for wealth creation it’s essential to safeguard your existing assets including the most precious assets: the lives of you and your family.

We take the time to understand you.


Partnering with Clients.

At Hackney Insurance we partner with clients to provide truly personal protection solutions based upon genuine client relationships. We take the time to understand your protection objectives and work with you to protect your financial interests. We understand that it may have taken many years to build your wealth and grow your income and it’s important those many years of wealth creation and income growth are protected in the best possible way. We’ll develop a succession plan that’s right for you!

Cash and Liquidity Strategies




Hackney Insurance offers a comprehensive range of solutions ensuring you are protecting your most important assets your staff and their futures.


Hackney Insurance can tailor a protection solution just for you.
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